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Entrepreneurial Studies

Have an interest in creating and running your own business? What about earning a degree in marketing, accounting or public relations? Seniors in Entrepreneurial Studies will explore entrepreneurship through the creation of a business plan centered on a company of their own design. Students then learn about store operations, customer service, marketing and inventory management by operating Campus Grounds. The program culminates in a three-month long internship in the spring. Students create their own internship programs around their interests. Previous internship companies have included Adam's Pointe Conference Center and the Missouri Mavericks Hockey Team. Students can earn up to 18 hours of college credit through Metropolitan Community College. 

Want to see our students in action? Check out the Entrepreneurial Studies program and our Fort Osage Marketing program on YouTube!

Business Plan

The summer prior to starting the Entrepreneurial Studies program, students are given a packet to help them start thinking about what type of company they might want to develop. Once the program starts, students will delve into the world of entrepreneurship and design their organization. Projects will include what type of product or service the company will provide, startup costs and audience research.

Previous companies have included a luggage manufacturing firm and a bakery called Diverse Desserts that featured desserts from around the world.

Spring Internship

When students return to school following the winter break, they spend several weeks researching local companies. Students create their own internship proposal based around their business interests and goals for life after graduation. Students spend 2.5 hours every weekday for two months interning at an organization and gaining critical experience in a professional setting.

Previous internship companies have included:

  • Adam's Pointe Conference Center
  • The Missouri Mavericks Hockey Team
  • Cerner
College Credit

Courses Available

Seniors in Entrepreneurial Studies can earn up to 15 hours of college credit through Metropolitan Community College (MCC).


MCC's cost per credit hour for in-district students is $47.50 and $87.50 per credit hour for out-of-district students. Students attending Grain Valley High School and Oak Grove High School are out-of-district.

Dual credit is offered at one-half the price that students usually pay at MCC.

You are not required to pursue dual credit to take the Entrepreneurial Studies class.

Articulation vs. Dual Credit

If your student is going to start at MCC right out of high school, do not pay for dual credit. Your student can get the same credit for free under an articulation agreement.

If your student is going to start at a four-year college or a community college besides MCC, check with your student's intended college to see if they will accept the credit before you pay. Many Missouri schools accept MCC credit, but some will not. 

For articulated credit, the student must complete the full course (most are two years) with a B- average or higher. If the student only finishes one year of a two-year course, they will not earn the credit. If the student's grade average over four semesters is a C+ or below, they will not earn the articulated credit.

    • BSAD 150: Business Essentials - 3 credit hours
    • BSAD 219: Entrepreneurship & Small Business - 3 credit hours
    • BSAD 221: Business Communications - 3 credit hours
    • BSAD 127: Management Internship I - 3 credit hours
    • CSIS 115: Introduction to Micro Application - 3 credit hours
    • CSIS 129: E-Commerce - 3 credit hours