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Computer Animation

Computer Animation & Game Design

Combine your love of art and design with the IT industry through our new Computer Animation & Game Design program!

Computer Modeling & Animation (A.M. Class)

This portion of the program explores the world of computer modeling and animation through software to animate characters and objects, apply lighting and advanced camera work and utilize their creative skills to create 2D and 3D animations and visualizations. From 80's-style music videos to cartoons, our students have created amazing content. 

Computer Game Design & Development (P.M. Class)

This portion of the program prepares students for a variety of careers in the software development industry. From using game development software to create 2D and 3D computer games and visualiztions to programming, testing and debugging computer games, students will build on their skills and eventually complete a final game creation, from idea generation to development and production.

*This program is located at the Blue Springs Freshman Center. Students not enrolled in the Blue Springs School District will be responsible for providing their own transportation to and from their sending high school.

Meet. Mr. Enlow

Meet Mr. Andrew Enlow

An educator for nearly 12 years, Mr. Enlow is not only a wizard with programs like Toon Boom Harmony, but he's a champion at Star Wars, Nintendo and Stranger Things trivia. His classroom combines the latest technology, including gaming chairs and dual-monitors for all of his students, with his love of all things nostalgic geekdom. Mr. Enlow is also very excited at the addition of Whataburger to the Blue Springs community. Keep an eye out for his matching Whataburger shirt and socks!

What His Students Are Saying

"He allows us to work as if we are in a company and have a physical job (I also like his hair)."

"He isn't just a teacher but a real person who has passion for what he does and cares for his students in success."

"He is very understanding, funny, easy to talk to, accepting, and very open-minded. He's also super cool!"

"It really helps to be able to get out of the house, and go to a place where I can spend about three hours doing something I love."